Data Mesh

Learn about Data Mesh - the paradigm where data is democratized, decentralized, and seamlessly integrated across domains. With our services and trainings, we guide you through your Data Mesh transformation and help you understand its core principles.

Data Product Engineering

A data product is a self-contained and unified data entity that contains at least one data set (called a domain dataset). Data products derive their value primarily from the data they process. It is created with the primary objective of satisfying specific user requirements. We help you to design and develop the data product inventory, data contracts, and global policy definition for pragmatic data mesh governance.

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Data Mesh Manager

The Data Mesh Manager is a SaaS application specifically designed for Data Product Owners, users of Data Products, and the Governance Group. The goal is to manage Data Mesh pragmatically.

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Data Contract Facilitation

Data contracts bring together data producers and data consumers. At its core, a data contract is a document that defines the structure, format, semantics, quality, and terms of use for exchanging data between a data provider and its consumers. We support you from the design phase of your data contracts to the full automation of data product management in your data network.

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Workshops and Trainings

Data Mesh: Fundamentals

In this training, we will explain what the four principles of Data Mesh mean. You will become familiar with the challenges of implementing Data Mesh and receive recommendations for a gradual approach. Together, we will design a data product, the central element in a Data Mesh, using our Data Product Canvas and explore implementation alternatives. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to assess the sociotechnical implications of Data Mesh and design data products.

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Data Mesh: Quick Start

We offer a 1-day workshop on Data Mesh that clarifies the following questions for your company: What is Data Mesh really? Does Data Mesh make sense for us? Are we ready? And how do we start implementing Data Mesh?

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Data Contracts: Conduct your own Workshop

We help you bring data producers and consumers together in a self-directed workshop to define data contracts.

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