Data Contracts: Fundamentals

In this one-day workshop, data and software development teams will learn how the concepts of the data product and the data contract can help to create flexible yet robust data architectures. Data products are a principle for encapsulating data processing components. Data contracts are interface definitions whose purpose goes far beyond mere schema descriptions. Participants will learn how to implement these concepts, which tools support them in doing so and what all this has to do with ownership and trust.

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Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva
Head of Data and AI
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Your benefits

  • Understanding of the advantages of data products over other forms of data provision.
  • Knowledge of the content and use cases of data contracts.
  • Differentiation and connections between data contracts and data products.
  • Practical application of tools that can help with the creation of data contracts and data products.


Participants should have a background in data or software engineering, be proficient in a programming language and be able to query relational databases using SQL. A basic understanding of the integration of system components is also an advantage.


  • What is a data product?
  • How are data contracts defined in the industry?
  • Designing a data product
  • Creation of a data contract
  • Practical implementation of the designed data product


  • Technical basis for the implementation of modern data architectures.
  • Robust data processing through clear definitions and responsibilities.
  • Improvement of the communication basis between data suppliers and data users.
  • Clear interface definitions for the exchange of analysis and production data.