Platform Engineering

This consulting area specializes in developing, constructing, and refining the foundational infrastructure that supports and drives data and AI solutions. A data and machine learning platform enables companies to optimize operations, create industry-leading services, and reach new heights by utilizing data science, machine learning, and AI methods.

Data and ML Platform Architecture

Our “Data and ML Platform Architecture” service helps organizations with designing and implementing a robust and scalable infrastructure that supports data-intensive applications and machine learning workloads. We create a high-level system design that can accommodate different data and computational paradigms. Our service includes strategies for real-time and batch data ingestion, and our architectures support end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, from model development, testing, and deployment to monitoring and versioning. This holistic approach ensures reproducibility, collaboration, and continuous monitoring in production environments. We adhere to regulatory compliance standards like GDPR, HIPAA, etc., to ensure that the system is secure and complies with all relevant regulations.

Data and ML Architecture Review

Our Data and ML Platform Architecture Review service provides a comprehensive evaluation of your existing infrastructure, strategies, and systems. We identify potential bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, or compliance issues that could hinder your business’s growth or data integrity. Based on our review, we provide a detailed assessment report enriched with actionable recommendations to optimize your data and machine learning platforms. Our goal is to ensure your business is fortified with a resilient and adaptable architecture in the face of evolving data trends and emerging technologies.

Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva
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