AI Products with Domain-driven Design

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to use Domain-driven Design, Event Storming, and the ML Design Canvas to design AI products.

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Your benefits

  • Overview of the main concepts of Domain-driven Design
  • Understand how to find AI/ML use cases in your projects, and structure them using the ML Design Canvas
  • Understand how to analyze a domain with Event Storming
  • Be able to conduct your own AI/ML Event Storming workshops


Day 1

In the first practical part, we will learn about Event Storming and the ML Design Canvas. Event Storming is a method of Collaborative Modeling and Knowledge Crunching, a methodology of Domain-driven Design. It helps domain experts, technical experts, developers and all other team members to develop a common understanding of the business domain. In doing so, we start from use cases examples, and so we can then identify further use cases in a project for innovative AI/ML technologies. Prior Domain-Driven Design knowledge is not necessary.

Day 2

In the second practical part, we formulate concrete ML problems together, based on the use cases we have found. We do this on the ML Design Canvas, which was introduced on the first day. Afterwards, we structure the ML project on the canvas and specify all components for the training and prediction phases. Then we discuss the Data Landscape Canvas to clarify the data availability as last step.


Software architects, developers, data scientists, product owners, who have made their first practical experiences with Machine Learning.

Training Objectives

  • Find out which problems and use cases are suitable for ML
  • Define and prioritize problems and opportunities for ML in business areas and projects
  • Learn how to use the Data Landscape Canvas
  • Learn the knowledge crunching method of event storming used in DDD in a case study and apply it yourself
  • Learn how to use the Machine Learning Canvas to structure ML projects


In this 2-day workshop, you will learn how to use Domain-driven Design concepts to identify AI/ML use cases in your organization. You will work with the ML Design Canvas to formulate concrete ML problems and take the right steps to design AI products.