AI Assessment Workshop

Recent technological advances have made AI a commodity. But building a good AI system in any organization means overcoming challenges related to technology, team dynamics, data handling, and workflow. The AI Adoption Framework acts as a guide to help you grow and refine your organization's AI capabilities. It's there to help you see how far you've come and figure out where you want to go.

In this 2-day workshop, we first assess your organization's current state of MLOps processes and AI maturity, before discussing MLOps best practices and developing a comprehensive AI Roadmap.

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Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva
Head of Data and AI
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Your benefits

  • A clear understanding of your organization's current AI maturity level
  • a set of best practices tailored to your needs
  • a comprehensive improvement plan for their MLOps processes and team structure

Day 1: Assessing the current AI maturity level

Duration: 7 hours


  • Introduction and Overview of the AI Adoption Framework
  • Assessing AI Dimensions:

    • Assessing learning programs and skill sets
    • Reviewing data management and ML artifact sharing
    • Understanding cloud-native ML services and workload management
    • Exploring data protection, AI ethics, and EU AI Act alignment
    • Checking deployment, execution, and operation of ML pipelines
  • Evaluating AI maturity phases:

    • Tactical, strategic, and transformational phases
    • Current positioning and desired future state

Day 2: AI Roadmap

Duration: 7 hours


  • Introduction: Objectives and relation to findings from Day 1
  • Overview of MLOps lifecycle and core capabilities

    • ML Development: Experimentation and model training
    • Training operationalization and continuous training
    • Model deployment and prediction serving
    • Continuous monitoring and data & model management
  • Crafting an improvement plan

    • Aligning MLOps practices with organizational goals
    • Phased implementation and capability building
  • Conclusion and Q&A Session


By the end of these workshop, you will clearly understand the current AI maturity state of your organization, a set of best practices tailored to your needs, and a comprehensive improvement plan for their MLOps processes and team structure.